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The Third Time's the Charm by Joy Travis

The Third Time's the Charm

by Joy Travis

184 pages
Love and exploration of past lives.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book

Luna McMasters, the heroine of the story, is a young independent woman leading a solitary life in San Francisco, California. Her unusual name, striking appearance and innate shyness are enough to make her feel set apart from the rest of the world, yet a nagging suspicion that there's something else disturbs her. She buries herself in her job, pursuit of a college degree, and gardening, sharing a tiny apartment in the Sunset district with her only friend, George the cat.

Luna is unexpectedly struck by an encounter with a substitute instructor at her evening art class. The instructor, a ruggedly handsome man named Josh Trenton, also experiences an immediate attraction. Their brief interaction at school is followed a few days later when Josh mysteriously appears at Luna's favorite neighborhood caf?. During a walk through Golden Gate Park, Josh subtly steers the conversation to the topic of reincarnation, frightening Luna with his belief they had known each other in past lives. Torn between skepticism and fascination, Luna reluctantly continues the discussion, drawn to him in ways she cannot explain or understand.

Luna is literally swept off her feet by Josh. Her emotions and curiosity swiftly overcome her initial skepticism and she initiates a study of the past lives theory. She finds the topic irresistible and supplements her reading with long talks with Josh, growing to trust him. He nearly destroys that fragile trust when he confesses that their meeting at the caf was not completely coincidental.

Their relationship grows as Luna begins a series of hypnosis sessions designed to help her discover her own past lives. The hypnosis sessions prove to be both exhausting and exhilarating; yet serve to cement their emotional connection. Luna and Josh's passionate love affair deepens in intensity through events joyful and tragic while they journey together through the present and past.



About the Author
Joy Travis is a self-described "incurable romantic" whose passions, in addition to writing, include family, friends, learning, hiking and yoga. She lives with her husband on the San Francisco peninsula



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