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UFOs and God by Michael R. Lane

UFOs and God

by Michael R. Lane

258 pages
Short Stories

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
UFOs and God is not single-themed but a medley of characters kayaking their way through the erratic channels of life. Some of these stories are sharp edged and made to cut you emotionally to the quick. Others are inviting like a warm cozy room on a bitterly cold day. A couple – it is hoped – will simply make you laugh.

In Wake Up, a man decides each morning whether he is to live or die, while The Virgin Bank Robber is an unorthodox love story about a modern Robin Hood couple who are finally caught by the law. UFOs and God is the story of a beloved believer in UFOs and aliens who maintains her beliefs right up until the end, while War tells the story of two brave soldiers, one black and one white, who find themselves trapped in the same foxhole during World War II. Job Search explores a young man’s search for more than a job but a meaningful career. The Zany World of Al, Nitro, Dynamite & Their Dog Blaze, is a twisted parody on our obsession with violence and destruction as forms of entertainment, and after being financially devastated by the 2008 economic crash, Mason Hammer makes a bold decision to live out a long-held dream in Echoes.

From farm to urban, from World War II to the Digital Age, the places and times, people and events in UFOs and God spotlight the tender underbelly of the human condition in all its glory and despair on these varied stages of fiction.


The stories themselves are not centered around a single idea or place, but are rather like a patchwork, a blend of time and people scattered across the pages like colored pieces of fabric. But while seemingly unrelated, Lane connects the patches, the times, and the people through his voice, which seems to speak with both tenderness and distance like one who has been telling stories all his life. Linking the stories further are the characters themselves. While varied and unique from one another, they are united by the frailty yet strength of their humanity. Lane is a seasoned writer, and his skills are on display in UFOs and God. He spent the majority of his life reading and writing literature, and it shows in these stories.
- Lee Ware, The US Review of Books
Beautifully conceived and executed ‘UFOs and God’ is an intriguing collection of short stories, ranging widely in both tone and plots with varying formats and lengths in multiple genres. Delivered with most picturesque imagery, elegant yet descriptive, ‘UFOs and God’ is a solid piece of literary collection that cleverly uses an array of analogy of ambiguity and emotion giving it an impressive depth. This book is sure to delight a wider audience and fascinate them with brimming fantasy, fiction and reality. An ideal collection to give, share and indulge in, ‘UFOs and God’ is a 5 star read.
- ENAS Reviews
UFOs and God is a fairly broad and slightly terrifying name for a collection of short stories—for me it suggested that these were going to be very, very weird indeed! However, the title is merely taken from one of the short stories from inside this book, and instead of the broad musings on the supernatural and extra-terrestrial that I was concerned about, I found instead a collection of short stories which are very well written, encompassing a wide range of topics—but mainly focused on humanity, and on different interactions between people. It's clear throughout that Lane is extremely accomplished—he writes very well indeed, with strong characterization and excellent ideas that are conveyed clearly in these brief tales. Surprising and varied, they make for a very fun read. The emotions in these tales are extremely vivid—making it an extremely entertaining and enjoyable experience for the reader. Good to read in one sitting, or to pick up and read a quick story every now and then.
- Luke Marlowe, The Bookbag
“All in all, Lane has compiled an assortment of unique stories that are as entertaining as they are touching, and any reader will feel as if their time reading was well spent.”
- Nayala Smith
“So if it's alien or religious stories that are anticipated or desired; look elsewhere. UFOs and God is much more: it's a closer examination of succinct moments in life where people get the opportunity to look back, look ahead, or take a close look at the world; and each piece is carefully crafted to support a reader's perceptions of their own 'aha' moments in life.”
- Diane Donovan
“Like any short story collection, there are bound to be favorites, but in my case there are too many favorites to list. Some, like "Whiff," "Anniversary," and "War" brought tears to my eyes, while others, such as "Dr. Feel Good," made me laugh out loud. No matter which story turns out to be your favorite, this outstanding collection is a 'must read.' UFOs and God opens a window into the human spirit: a masterfully woven tapestry of love, loss, forgiveness, and laughter.”
- Leigh Goodison


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About the Author
Michael’s passions for reading and creative writing inspired him to devour everything from contemporary novels to classical literature. Creative writing erupted into a joy that would not be contained. Michael has composed poetry and stories for more than three decades and has had poetry and fiction published in numerous publications.



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