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WATERFALL by James Mee


by James Mee

180 pages
Teenagers falling in love in Grandpa's Knob, Vermont

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Teenagers BB McSorley and Paige McElhinney meet one Summer in Grandpa's Knob, Vermont, and an unlikely friendship blossomed immediately.

BB has never been more than 50 miles outside of Grandpa's Knob, and Paige, a U.S. Ambassador's daughter, has lived in Washington D.C., Italy and other countries where her father was posted. BB's and Paige's backgrounds are totally dissimilar, but their intellects and appreciation of what they learn from life experiences together and from observing the vitality, down-to-earth philosophies, values and grit of the characters in Grandpa's Knob bonds BB and Paige together.

The activities of the unique characters of Grandpa's Knob are hilarious. As the Summer progresses, love comes naturally and tenderly to BB and Paige.

You meet Uncle Lou, Arlene, Edward, Sister Mary Agnes of the Eternal Meanness, Eugene Member, Burly Gates, wanna-be hippies, bullies brought low, Burly Gates, Trout Perchon, and through them so many others who make Grandpa's Knob memorable.

Life changes for BB when he and Paige embark on a treasure hunt that really results in finding a treasure and changes life for them forever. BB comes to see as much of the world as Paige had already seen. He and Paige mature, and, as is inevitable, so do the characters of Grandpa's Knob, whose influences always remain a part of the souls of BB and Paige.


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About the Author
James Mee James Mee is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, poet, author and storyteller. He writes and performs stories and poems of all genres, but especially for children. This is his first novel for adults and teenagers and draws on the unvarnished social and ethical cultures of Vermont.



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