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LOVED TO DEATH: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics & Images by T. Skye

LOVED TO DEATH: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics & Images

by T. Skye

144 pages
Deep poetry and images describing love, heartbreak, dreams and death.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Some words allow you to breathe, while others take your breath away. Loved to Death is an unfolding display of emotions eloquently revealed through the poetry, lyrics and photographs of author T. SKYE.

Authentic and honest, compelling and darkly beautiful, no stone is left unturned as to the intensity of feelings wrought from life. The blissful discovery of love and deep connection leads to the exposure of forbidden fantasies and fears hidden in the underworld of the mind and soul. The painful realities of truth and lies, rejection and disconnection breeds anger and a desire for sweet revenge. Nevertheless, in the end, one is forced to realize that death is inevitable for all of us.

Loved to Death is an intellectual monsoon and a visual feast that will find you revisiting this collection for years to come. It will touch both your heart and your soul.

“Writing is like breathing - I am a vessel through which emotions and words flow.”
-T. Skye



About the Author
Writer, visual artist and musician T. SKYE’s creative sensibilities developed while growing up in the long, cold, bleak winters of Northeast Ohio. Since childhood, T. SKYE found paper and pen to be a comforting outlet for thoughts unspoken.

T. SKYE’s writing is often described as a contemplative mix of reality dancing on the edge of fantasy, steeped in raw emotion, with a heavy, rich undertone of sensitivity and subtle sensuality. Readers of T. SKYE’s poetry and prose are softly provoked to unearth and stand before their own consciousness of fears, dreams and memories.

Influences evident throughout T. SKYE’s work include Peter Steele (Ratajczyk), lead singer, bassist and composer for the New York gothic metal band Type O Negative, as well as Dark Romantic Era writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne.



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