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My Car as a Cab by Gina Olivieri

My Car as a Cab

by Gina Olivieri

86 pages
My Car as a Cab Uber Driver Comedy ebook

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
A first-hand look into Uber passengers' lives as to what happens inside closed doors. The author has driven for Uber for 2 years and has compiled the top comedic-most shocking stories in Part I and includes "How To Become an Uber Driver" in Part II along with advice on how to be successful and make good money.



About the Author
Gina Olivieri is an Uber Driver from the Midwest who wrote short stories based on her experiences in a comical light. She has won English scholarships, a State Writing Award for most creative story, and is the daughter of Carol Olivieri Schulte, who wrote Ghosts on the Coast of Maine and other works.



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