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Essays on the ethical erosion of our hunting culture.

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About the Book
"Some of the greatest conversations that are never whispered still exist between people. The common bond of perception brought to us through any or all of our senses need airing from time to time. Hunters and anglers in particular, given their role in conservation and solitary exercise of passion, need to recognize the obvious is only recognized by the informed. I urge you to not only read, but to digest, Howard N. Ellman's essays. Assign your own reflections. In the end, consider how you promote and exercise our Hunting Heritage, which demands fair chase and land stewardship. Remember the Hunting Heritage we have now is a young gift made possible by people who exercised their conservation ethic not only through words, but through deeds." ---L. Ryan Broddrick

L. Ryan Broddrick is a retired Director of the California Department of Fish and Game. He has had a long and varied career in waterfowl conservation and law enforcement.



About the Author
HOWARD N. ELLMAN Ellman was intensely interested in outdoor activities since his childhood on the shores of Lake Michigan. He came to California to attend Stanford Law School. His environmental and land use law practice, travels to places as remote as Alaska, and his vast hunting experience have triggered the thoughts and convictions memorialized in his essays.



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