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LOST AND FOUND: The Younger Years - A Grand Adventure In Self-Discovery by Kenneth Kerr

LOST AND FOUND: The Younger Years - A Grand Adventure In Self-Discovery

by Kenneth Kerr

238 pages
Being briefly switched at birth started my adventures in self-discovery!

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Kenneth W Kerrís life became a story to tell after he was briefly switched at birth. The eventful childhood that followed evolved into a nationwide adventure as a teen.

Kerr grew up in a loving family in rural South Carolina, enjoyed small town life as a Southern boy, attending summer camps and prep schools. As a teen, he opposed his parents over a long distance romance, left home, and traveled from coast to coast over the next several years. He was determined to learn about life from friends who might otherwise be strangers. As he began to understand others in this way, he began to understand himself. Across America, people from all walks of life taught him how to live, work, and survive as a young adult. During his exploration of life, he encountered hunger, poverty, and homelessness. Each lesson in life enabled him to overcome the next challenge he faced.

Through a collection of short stories, Kerr relates what it was like to experience funny, dramatic, and harrowing events. Examples include being switched at birth, trying as a child to stop a soldier from going to the Vietnam war, stowing away on a flight to make-out with a girl, escapades in boarding school, running away from home, hitchhiking with a kitten, being hungry on the street, nearly being driven off a cliff in a tractor trailer, his fatherís brush with death, sharing his motherís love of stock car racing and more.

Read this book to discover how an ordinary child completed an extraordinary journey and walked among strangers for several years to understand himself and find genuine happiness.



About the Author
Kenneth Kerr Kenneth Kerr, a native of Bennettsville, South Carolina earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University. An award-winning safety consultant, the former paramedic and his wife Lynda operate a small farm near Tupelo, Mississippi. He is writing a sequel to this book.



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