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GOLDIE: A Tribute to My Beloved Dog by Mary L. Martin

GOLDIE: A Tribute to My Beloved Dog

by Mary L. Martin

58 pages
GOLDIE - A tribute to my beloved dog

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Category: Animals
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About the Book
It was a very rocky childhood and young adulthood. Growing up with an alcoholic parent made her life miserable and very unhappy. It was a very lonely time in her life. She tried desperately to experience the love and attention that is normally present in most children's lives but her life was anything but normal. She was never taught how to truly love someone or how to receive love from someone else. She struggled through her childhood days only to encounter an equally rocky and unstable marriage. The unhappiness and loneliness she experienced during her marriage were, at times, unbearable. She longed for the love and attention in her marriage that she never experienced as a child.

She searched for someone or something to help her through her difficult marriage. It was a very special dog who entered her life and who saved her time and time again during that difficult time. It was that very special dog who taught her about love, forgiveness, and friendship when no one else in her life ever could.



About the Author
Mary L. Martin grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently resides in New Jersey with her dog, Teddy. Besides being the author of this book, she went on in life to achieve many other accomplishments, one of which, is being granted two design patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2010.



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