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Radical Freedom or Oh Crap, There Goes the Constitution by Curt Waldrip

Radical Freedom or Oh Crap, There Goes the Constitution

by Curt Waldrip

236 pages
Disturbing, sometimes amusing, the rise and fall of American Freedom

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
A look at how the concept of liberty as envisioned by the American founders is really quite radical by today's standards, and how that freedom has been slowly vanishing for the last century.

Sometimes humorous and sometimes rather acerbic with many disturbing and occasionally funny examples of just how radical our system was supposed to be, and how by means of well-meaning laws and seemingly endless regulations from governmental agencies we are losing our birthright.

The book takes a look at such seemingly diverse subjects as; The Political Left and the Political Right, The roots of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, Stupid Supreme Court decisions, the Progressive Era, Eugenics, Socialists, Nazis, Mass Murder, and Criminal Charges against Inanimate Objects.

This is a book that will amuse and irritate people on all sides of the political spectrum.



About the Author
Curt Waldrip has degrees in Physics and Education, has been a soldier, radio DJ, lead singer in a band, nuclear technician, systems administrator, firefighter/ EMT, and a high school physics and chemistry teacher. He has a passion for politics and uses his extensive knowledge of History to explore that.



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