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Unique by David Patch


by David Patch

58 pages
Three people with a dangerous commonality: the U.S. government.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Melvin Tregar was just your ordinary soldier in the Galactic Universal Armed Forces, until having a severe psychotic episode got him thrown out of the military. His new digs became the Elsworth prison and mental facility.

Dr. Hayley Johns is the new government therapist sent to counsel him. Her lukewarm credentials and cool manner hide a powerful secret. Together with Tregar they unravel crucial secrets linking them to the government. Forced to flee because of these revelations, they discover an ally outside the government's grasp.

Three people, tragically and wonderfully different...unique.


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About the Author
David Patch, a San Jose, California native, grew up in Richardson, Texas. He has a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Creative to the core, he spends his spare time, drawing and crafting new short stories. Unique is his first book.



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