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Northern Hearts by Jacques L. Condor Maka Tai Meh

Northern Hearts

by Jacques L. Condor Maka Tai Meh

242 pages
In Alaska, love and passion are part of the landscape.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
British genius-composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber in collaboration with lyricists, Don Black and Charles Hart created a musical titled: ASPECTS OF LOVE. One of the featured songs was LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING.

This simple declaration of this complex, confusing and contradictory human emotion re-stated a universal truth. We are all aware love changes not only ourselves, but all those around us. For some, the changes love brings may be for the better; for others it can bring out the darkest elements of our natures.

But what is this thing called love? Does it bring joy or pain? Is it ecstasy or despair? Love is said to be a momentsí madness; an emotional eruption that might turn you insane. The first embers of love can burst into a fire-storm to consume you or it can be like a soothing rain. Such are the verities of love.

For years, romantics, novelists and the movies have touted tropical climes as the natural home of love and its accompanying passions. They are wrong. Any one who lives north of 50 degrees knows the Northland is the home of the strongest passions love can induce. In Alaska love and passion are part of the landscape. Isolation, long winters and long nights are contributing factors. Up here, love produces some varied and peculiar effects on those it touches. Love changes them and their behaviours. The consequences of these behaviours are the aspects of love, good or evil, that inspired the tales in this collection.


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About the Author
Jacques L. Condor Maka Tai Meh Jacques L. Condor Maka-Tai-Meh is a French-Canadian, Algonkin-Abenaki-Mesquaki First Nations writer. He has been a resident of Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest for sixty years. Since 1947, Condor has lived in Nome, Saint Lawrence Island, Fairbanks, Moose Pass, Seward, and Anchorage. His stories are about these northern locations.



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