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Religion of Trees by Lisa Borm

Religion of Trees

by Lisa Borm

102 pages
Literary Fiction - Novella

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
On nights when the sun sets with ease and the breeze gently sings the day to sleep, the trees exchange stories of their reign. Mother Treeís tales have always been favored as she shares the lives of the residents of Harding Street.

Miss Millicent is the back-bone of the neighborhood. As she gardens, she sings the songs of the Sycamore. When the sun retires for the night, she moves stealthily to plant birthday trees for the new neighborhood babies. Her steps are slower this spring though and the branches beneath Mother Tree are in greater volume. Is their growing season coming to an end?

Ethel Andresen grew up nestled in her Apple tree reading Nancy Drew books and being teased by her older brother. When he doesnít come back from Normandy, she finds solace and surprising visitor in her tree.

Hank Grant is born into a family who changed their mind about wanting his presence. His Sugar Maple tree gives him a lifelong craft he uses to escape. Can it also reacquaint him to his only love?

Daisy Wilson is nearing forty and canít fill the emptiness of never belonging. On a spring break visit to her aunt she discovers family secrets. As her Magnolia tree blooms in spite of the impending late frost, she wonders can she ever be that bold?


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About the Author
Lisa L. Borm is a lifetime runaway who is trying to trade her running shoes for a pen. A hesitant writer at best, she writes to question lifeís conventionality only because she is not brave enough to ask out loud.



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