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Gamma by Sheldon Pacotti


by Sheldon Pacotti

360 pages
The secret history of the 2030s biotech boom.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
"Shannon was in the habit of annoying adults with his ghetto talk. He looked and talked better than the real thing.

"Dr. White cleared his throat. 'Now . . . knock off this "how come" and double-negative business. Your one chance—as has been true for all of the "savage" races around the world—is to be educated, reflective, civilized—one of THEM, dear boy!'"

L.A. 2037. With biotech and robotics booming, a new race has been born: the transgenic. Only these truly brilliant beings are fit for the age of machine intelligence. The rest trade in bare survival. A runaway from an abusive home enrolls at a community college to escape the dangers of prostitution. A Muslim man, the son of an immigrant engineer, works a "backward" job for the LAPD, risking his life as the "arms and legs" of society. A lifelong petty criminal gets his shot at a big-time scam by working security for the Bureau of Prisons. The pivotal moment in all of these lives arrives when the world's most famous transgenic plots an act of vengeance against his Maker.

Shannon Jones is the product of a secret genetic experiment on inner-city families which left him with a brilliant but unstable mind. He lures these others—and soon the entire city of Los Angeles—into a fight against the market forces that are enacting a eugenicide on ordinary humanity.


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About the Author
Sheldon Pacotti The video game Deus Ex, Sheldon J. Pacotti's biggest script-writing project, won a Quantum Leap award from Gamasutra for being the video game that has "advanced game storytelling in the largest way." His noninteractive writing has appeared in The Bridge, Foxtail, Bellowing Ark, and He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, two kids, three dogs, six cats, eight bunnies, and uncountable fish.



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