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Victory's Fate by Orlando Ricci

Victory's Fate

by Orlando Ricci

206 pages
A heart wrenching tale of an athlete's journey towards success.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
Victory’s Fate is the story of Anthony Williams, a talented high school wrestler whose triumphs have pushed him to the top of college recruiting lists. His dedication to wrestling is unmatched and his desire to be the best is undeniable. As everything seems to be going perfectly for him, tragedy strikes; a tragedy that challenges everything that he’s ever known and desired.

Nothing seems to matter to Anthony anymore as his life begins to spiral out of control, causing him to have a fall from grace. He’s thrust into a world of uncertainty and a decline in his desire to achieve the goals that he once longed for. Without the support system that had always been there for him, Anthony’s Coach, Vincent Tanzino, a former college wrestler at West Virginia University, is now responsible for the troubled teenager as he tries to find ways to help this young man cope with the tragedy that has altered his life.

This is a heart wrenching tale about the rise, fall, and attempt to rise again of a young man as he tries to put the pieces of his life back together in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a champion.


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About the Author
Orlando Ricci Orlando Ricci is a former teacher and coach who currently works as a freelance writer/editor and an actor. Orlando resides in Charlotte, NC, and is originally from Buffalo, NY. He's a graduate of West Virginia University where he earned two degrees and was a member of the wrestling team.



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