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In the Name of God by Kristopher Rhodes

In the Name of God

by Kristopher Rhodes

217 pages
Chronicles the inevitable overthrow of tyrannical Romanian dictator Nicolea Ceausescu as told through the eyes of two unlikely rebels: Reverend Viktor Domokos, and outspoken pastor, and Colonel-General Petrescu, Romanian Army Chief of Staff.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
About the Book
In the fall of 1989, Romania was slowly and predictably coming apart at the seams. After years of central planning and gross mismanagement, the economy was a shambles. The people were some of the poorest in the world; living in cold, dimly lit, and run-down homes. While Romania's farmers slaved, producing export harvests to repay the national debt, food for her own people was strictly rationed and the death toll was on the rise.

Even as the Communist world emerged into freedom, President Nicolea Ceausescu stood firm and iron-fisted. Bathed in delusions of grandeur, he whole-heartedly believed his people adored him and that Romania would remain the last bastion of Communism in Europe. As late as November 1989, he said triumphantly after being "re-elected" to another five-year term "Romania will change only when beech trees bear apples and reeds bear flowers." Little did he know that one month later he would be forced from power.

Little did he know too, that he would soon be dead.

In the Name of God chronicles Ceausescu's inevitable overthrow. It is told through the eyes of two unlikely rebels. Reverend Viktor Domokos, an outspoken pastor, leads his congregation in defiance of Ceausescu's policies. His use of Bibles and hymnals, and his insistence on teaching the truth rather than state approved sermons, leads to his exile and sends the people into protest. Colonel-General Petrescu, Romanian Army Chief of Staff, once a loyal Ceausescu supporter becomes a key leader in the demonstrations that soon sweep Romania's streets. His refusal to order the army to shoot on the protesters puts him head-on with Ceausescu and ignites the people into a burning rage that only Ceausescu's blood can extinguish.



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