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Grunt by Larry Kuykendall


by Larry Kuykendall

230 pages
history, military, Viet Nam

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Category: History
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About the Book
The book, Grunt, is a narrative of a tour of duty in the Viet Nam War by a two-year draftee and infantry platoon leader. It attempts to describe the best and worst of war. Drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, racial tensions and other are shown to be the part of war often ignored by the public and media.

Each man goes to war with fearful expectations. He returns home with scars both psychological and physical from the fearful realities of sudden violence and death; or, the anticipation of them.

Grunt will demonstrate all that is infantry and war to the reader. It will also recount what was bad about Viet Nam. It is not just a story of war. it is a tale on men and war.


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About the Author
Larry is retired and lives in Eastern Iowa. He served his country from June 1968-1970. After that, he worked in the financial services industry for almost 40 years. He has written several columns, newsletters, and, currently, writes a social-political blog.



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