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Algebra: A Second Chance by Chao C. Chien

Algebra: A Second Chance

by Chao C. Chien

124 pages
Algebra explained in a most reason able and comprehensible way.

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Category: Mathematics
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About the Book
It is a mystery to this author why so many students dislike algebra. To Mr. Chien algebra is the most fun subject—logical, straightforward, and, believe it or not, easy.

In his life Mr. Chien has also come across many people, friends and strangers, who regret not having paid closer attention to the subject in school, now that they find they lack the skill in the workplace. They think it is too late to do something about it. Not so. Mr. Chien disagrees. He knows if you do it right, one can learn algebra at any age. Yes, if properly taught, algebra is highly understandable.

However, Mr. Chien also emphasizes that algebra is a skill. Why its theories are easy to understand, one must do the work; that is, solving algebra equations to acquire the proficiency. That is something nobody can do for you but yourself. However, Mr. will do the explaining part.

This book is written in the simplest language possible. Anybody who can read will be able to follow its narratives. In fact, Mr. Chien does make it fun.

Give it a try. You will like it.



About the Author
Mr. Chien graduated from the University of Michigan majoring in engineering. After a career in engineering, computer consulting, and college teaching, he now focuses on. His many books on computer have guided many programmers. His works on the history of the Age of Discovery are groundbreaking.

Chien resides in California.



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