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Life is a Garden- The 7 Spiritual Principles to Manifest Every Area of Your Life by Dr. John Oda

Life is a Garden- The 7 Spiritual Principles to Manifest Every Area of Your Life

by Dr. John Oda

172 pages
Spiritual principles, personal development and self-help to create success in your life.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Dr. John Oda calls it the new science of manifesting every area of your life. You will call it the best thing since slice bread.

If you have ever dreamed a life where you are living your dreams then this book is for you. Life is a Garden will show you how to create the life you deserve by mastering the seeds you are planting in your life now. Dr. John Oda has helped several thousand people, through his books, online course, seminars and article, youth programs and business coaching. He has shown people how to thrive through the power of planting the right seed, and producing outstanding results. After you realize how to tap into your seed of greatness by planting the right seed, your life will never be the same.
You Will Learn:
• Have Faith
• Having the proper mindset
• Strategize
• Implement Time Management
• Live with Passion
• Having an attitude of gratitude
• Succumb to your desire to serve others in the highest way.
Life is a Garden combination of, self-help, personal development and spiritual principles to create success in any calling. This step by step book walks you through the trail and tribulations to create a proven system for anyone to go further faster my modeling the seven principles that Dr. Oda lives his life by. This book is a MUST for anyone seeking to manifest every area of their lives.


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About the Author
Dr. John Oda Dr. John Oda has been featured on “Oprah and Friends” interviewed by Maya Angelou, and has served as a radio host on PBS online. He was featured in “Meeting the Giants” working with renowned speaker such as Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield and Les Brown.



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