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Ultimate State by W. Robb Robichaud

Ultimate State

by W. Robb Robichaud

420 pages
Covert operations by individuals with paranormal abilities destroy ISIS jihadist.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The coalition leadership forces in Syria and Iraq are reluctant to engage in strategic operations against ISIS, which would bring about drastic reduction of ISIS's occupation and terrorist activities.

Covert operations led by Daniel White, the four man team of highly trained operatives with secret paranormal abilities, destroy assets and assassinate high ranking ISIS leaders.

A wake-up call for the coalition occurs when they see the positive, but devastating results against the terrorist organization.

During several missions, the assault team witness the horrendous consequences of brutality, torture, and death of the innocent victims. The jihadists pay a heavy price for their nefarious actions.


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About the Author
W. Robb Robichaud W. Robb Robichaud was a commercial pilot for 17 years, and spent several years working in the Middle East.

He has capitalized off his life’s experiences by authoring seven powerful modern day novels relating to terrorism.

He and his spouse Roseann of 48 years reside in Colorado .



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