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Snapshots...a memoir by Anne Eggers Chapman

Snapshots...a memoir

by Anne Eggers Chapman

294 pages
memoir; coming of age; photography; history '40's/'50's; small town

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Returning to Glen Alpine from my home in Florida the
summer of 1999, to gather childhood memories, I
turned off Highway 70, curved around where the depot
had once stood, and made my way across the railroad
tracks and up past Hennessee's Store. As I turned
right onto Davis Street, I noticed the August day
lilies that once swayed in a line dance with the
crepe myrtles opposite them were as absent this
morning as the hums of the buzz saws at Papa Pitts'
lumber plant, or the chatter of daily gossip out the
street. The town seemed on canvas, like the frozen
moment between symphonic movements, when the
conductor's baton pivots precisely between sound and
silence. For that second or two, the past hung, fog-
like in a haunting quietness, as if the raucous '50's
music or Willie Smith's blaring loud speakers
admonishing us for the sins of wearing short shorts
were only a downbeat beyond the mute button and
would, at any moment, lift. At first the memories
came in a whisper, then suddenly, with deafening
exuberance. This once burgeoning, bustling village,
this slice of Blue Ridge Mountain country, seemed to
beg for a resurrection of the glory days of her past…
with my memories and boxes full of Daddy's photos in
my attic, I felt obliged.

For a small town, tucked into the foothills of Western North Carolina, population 600 on a busy Saturday, and far from the frenetic rest of the world during the 1940's and '50's, our town was extraordinary. We had a lot of poor folks, four millionaires, and a whole ton of folks in between. Things that could have separated us, like the gap between the rich and the poor, just didn't, because everyone was always taken care of. Maybe, because we were all related, if only distantly.

World War II was going on, and my grandmother had suffered a stroke, so my parents, my baby brother and I, were moving back to Glen Alpine from Georgia. to live in the 12-room big house and help take care of her, while she took care of her father, my great-grandfather.

I'd been born in a town close by, but of course, I don't remember any of that. Daddy was a history professor at Elon College; then we moved to Georgia so he could be a history professor at Middle Georgia College. My brother was born there, and after Mother loved him best, I got polio. After I recovered I made a lot of friends there and didn't want to leave, but we had to.

It was on a humid August day the summer of 1946, that we arrived in Glen Alpine, at the 12-room big house that was my grandmother's, built for her in 1903, by her father.

Growing up in that house, in that town, is where my real coming-of-age stories took place; That's what Snapshots…a memoir is all about.


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About the Author
Anne Eggers Chapman ANNE EGGERS CHAPMAN has spent her entire life
creating through writing, music, composing, art, and
stage/film. She is an AEA/SAG actor; award winning
writer and teacher; mother of five and "Nana" to
nine. The author, her husband, Rod, and their Toy
Schnauzer, Sophie, live in Western North Carolina.



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