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Crossed Lines by P. A. Stockton

Crossed Lines

by P. A. Stockton

448 pages
Cross country chase of terrorist.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
A young boy illegally crosses the Texas border under duress.

Dr. Jake Phillips is volunteering his time on the Texas/Mexico border doing medical checks on immigrants. The young boy is brought to his attention because of unusual behavior. While examining him the boy’s actions raise more questions. In less than twenty-four hours the boy, his brother, a border agent and a transportation bus disappear. Dr. Phillips enlists the aide of his old friend, Ed Brock and colleague Chad Allen. As strange events unfold, the chase across Texas and toward Washington D.C. begins. The clues lead them to kidnapping, murder and a plot that could not only change their lives, but the lives of everyone.


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About the Author
P. A. Stockton was destined to travel. Born in Texas, graduating in St. Louis, Missouri and moving to California where she taught English for several years. She lived in the Middles East, the Far East and England.She has two sons and now lives on the Gulf Coast.



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