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JUNKIE, INDIANA by Steven Key Meyers


by Steven Key Meyers

168 pages
Opioids take their toll in this bleak Midwestern tale.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
When Cordelia falls for Jordan, the slightly older teenager who lives across the way in Shady Acres Trailer Park, she has no notion of the price that love can extract.

But Jordan is a drug addict--like his cousin Adam, their mothers, their aunt and a dismaying proportion of the people in Chuterville, Indiana (liberated from the city, heroin now powders the Corn Belt). The daily imperative is to get high, no matter what, but no easy task in a rusting, shrinking former industrial powerhouse whose factories are being steadily dismantled, taken to the scrap yard and converted to opiates. Adam's business model of dealing drugs on a modest scale so that he and his cousin can get and stay high collapses as their tolerance increases.

Cordelia comes to know something that threatens the cousins, and they try to shut her up--turn her world upside down and throw her into hell, forcing her, after her father refuses to help her, to take the only action she can.

A third cousin, Paul, narrates this devastating, acutely observed and very bleak tale, torn from the chronicles of the Midwest's opioid epidemic.


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About the Author
Steven Key Meyers Born on a farm in western Colorado, Steven Key Meyers lives in darkest Indiana.



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