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Finding Hope by Edmond Gagnon

Finding Hope

by Edmond Gagnon

314 pages
A fictional depiction of a true real-life horror story.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The Highway of Tears is real. Since 1969, there have been over 1,200 women reported missing in north-western Canada. 23 of those women disappeared along the stretch of Trans Canada Highway #16, that runs from Prince George to Prince Rupert, in British Columbia.

Finding Hope is the story of one woman, who goes missing after leaving Jasper, on her way home to see her daughter in Stewart, B.C. She is well aware of the notorious Highway of Tears, and the serial killers that use the road as their hunting ground.

Retired Detective Norm Strom rides his motorcycle from Calgary to Hyder, Alaska, and meets Hope Lachance in Jasper, before she is reported missing. For his own personal reasons, Strom reaches out to the RCMP, offering his help in Finding Hope.


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About the Author
Edmond Gagnon Edmond Gagnon is a retired police detective, whose passion for writing evolved during his travels around the world. After writing "A Casual Traveler," he created a crime fiction series to relate his police stories. His Black & White series now includes "Rat," Bloody Friday," "Torch," and "Finding Hope."



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