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by Michael R. Lane

298 pages
A C.J. Cavanaugh Mystery

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Clinton Windell is brutally murdered in his Southwest Hills mansion and robbed of twenty million dollars in uncut gems. An anonymous client hires ex-DEA agent turned private investigator, C. J. Cavanaugh and his junior partner, Renita Harris, to root out the Windell murderers. There’s only one catch. C. J. and his partner must not reveal to anyone they are working on the case. To complicate matters further C. J. and Renita must deceive Cavanaugh’s lover and dogged Homicide Detective, Destini Pendleton, who is assigned to head the high profile investigation. To maintain normal appearances, C. J. and Renita arrange to do a standard insurance inquiry on Genevieve Windell, the primary benefactor of her late husband. When Mrs. Windell turns out to be the prime suspect in her husband’s murder, C. J. and Renita find themselves boxed in. Between the killers, Detective Pendleton, the insurance company, and their omnipotent and ominous mystery client, C. J. has to utilize all of his cunning and training to keep him and his partner out of prison or the morgue long enough to capture the killers.


This engaging debut P.I. series introduces the enigmatic C. J. Cavanaugh, a former DEA operative who uses his sleuthing talents and professional contacts to open a private investigator practice. When C.J. is hired to investigate the murder/robbery of Clinton Windell, a wealthy gem dealer, all signs point to his business partners, all of whom have something to gain from his death. C. J. is assisted by his junior partner, Renita, whose unrequited romantic interest in C. J. makes for lots of hilarious banter, especially since C. J. is devoted to his longtime love, Portland Homicide Detective, Destini Pendleton. Lane is a master of characterization, and The Gem Connection is another showcase for the fascinating characters created by this talented author. Highly recommended.
- Leigh Goodison (author of the St. Augustus Chronicles medical thrillers)
In the beginning it was simple. Then it got complicated. I don't normally go for Private Investigator stories, but I picked this book up 'to have a look' and the characters had me by the end of the first chapter. The Gem Connection. I read it over a couple of days and when I finished I knew that I'd be delighted to meet C. J. and Renita again.
- Sue Magee, The Bookbag
The caper, The Gem Connection, penned by Michael R. Lane, features a private eye team. C. J. Cavanaugh and his partner, Renita Harris. Harris is a computer whiz. They are paired on the Windell slaying following a letter employing them with a hefty fee of $200,000 with the catch that the team must fly under the radar, without the knowledge of the Portland Police Department. I was thinking of doing a spoiler alert, but I will just say parties close to the greedy, over-ambitious, controlling man did him in. In the end, it’s a glorious triple cross that makes this reviewer think of good film noir, making the reading time well spent.
- Robert Fleming,


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About the Author
Michael R. Lane Michael studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Point Park College, Sonoma State University and Portland State University. Michael has written creatively for more than three decades, and his poetry and short fiction have appeared in numerous literary and small publications.



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