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Francesca's Journey by Athena Dent

Francesca's Journey

by Athena Dent

114 pages
A young adult/educational book for reading and educational institutions.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
This is a story that deals with an issue: Foster Care that occurs in the lives of everyday people all over the world. This fascinating and complex story brings to the forefront a way of life that many, many children are living every day. Yet, have we accepted this way of life or is it still a stigma?. That is left up to the individual. Francesca is a happy, smart and enthusiastic little girl, who enjoys her home life, school, family and her friends. Her life takes a DEVASTATING turn that no child should have to experience. This turn takes her away from the only life she knows and into another. Will Francesca's beginning become her end?. This book is not only great for reading, but also to use in various educational institutions (Public/private schools, group homes, afterschool programs, etc.).

This book is great for teens, educators, administrators and parents!.


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About the Author
Athena Dent Athena Dent has been a Writer for the past 30 years and an Author for 8 years. She has created stories in various genres: Literary fiction, Children's, Poetry, Young Adult and Education. Her stories transcend culture, age and gender. She uses your books to inspire, for literacy and to educate.



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