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WELCOME TO Confluence by Paul V. Froehlich

WELCOME TO Confluence

by Paul V. Froehlich

338 pages
Welcome to Confluence is a novel about dying rustbelt town.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Welcome to Confluence is a literary novel about a blue collar city at a crossroads.

In Western Pennsylvania, the fictional City of Confluence is dying. Itís been five years since the steel mills closed for good. Twentysomethings Sophia and Will are passionately at odds about how to save their hometown. When the town's secret benefactor dies, they suddenly find themselves battling gamblers, opportunists, and entrenched moneyed interests, changing their lives and their town forever.



About the Author
Paul V. Froehlich Paul V. Froehlich writes about the struggles of American working people. His simple, direct style, textured characters, and bootstrap sensibilities are a product of his blue-collar upbringing in Pittsburgh, Pa. during the 1960s-1970s.



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