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James Cock: His Life and Times - 1630 - 1699 by Robert Cox

James Cock: His Life and Times - 1630 - 1699

by Robert Cox

374 pages
Ancestral biography and poignant history of early Long Island.

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Category: History
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About the Book
More than ancestral biography is this poignant history of the tumultuous era when James Cock, early settler of Southold, Setauket and Oyster Bay, Long Island, became an active civic leader, devout in his faith.

Abundant, harrowing challenges marked the times. Tribes were violently driven from lands they occupied for 10,000 years before the arrival of Europeans. Accounts of the Pequot War and Kieft's War, fought against tribes which gruesomely refused to give up, and as part of the English and Dutch land grab, featured James's long-time neighbor and friend, ruthless Indian fighter, later Quaker, Captain James Underhill. James joined others in bravely challenging lack of religious freedom, Quaker persecution sanctioned by egregious laws, taxation without representation, denial of freedom of speech and assembly, and in seeking separation from the Puritan-like jurisdiction of New Haven Colony to join a more tolerant Connecticut Colony at Hartford. All more than a century before the Revolution!

Anecdotes, many documented from first-person accounts, legislation brought to light of day from dusty old books, and telling community records, vividly illustrate the interplay of an illiterate English immigrant with events and characters he knew well in colonial Long Island. Savor. Imagine.



About the Author
Robert Cox has lived his entire life, except his formal education years, in the rural, north-central Pennsylvania town of Wellsboro. After having practiced law there for forty years, he retired in 2011. He and his wife of nearly fifty years, Anne, are the parents of three and the grandparents of four.



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