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Travel Smart Travel Safe by Tony Diaz

Travel Smart Travel Safe

by Tony Diaz

242 pages
Your guide to avoiding and surviving the worlds travel hazards.

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Category: Travel
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About the Book
Travel Smart Travel Safe is the complete guide for keeping today’s traveler safe and secure from the unpleasantries and hazards of modern travel. Whether you travel by plane, cruise the seas, journey by bus, rail, or rental car, within the pages of this book you will find the advice, tips, and recommendations to make your travels as safe and hassle-free as possible.

Beginning with passports, travel visas and shot records, the book touches on their importance, defining what they are, when you will need them, and the costly mistakes to avoid when applying for them. It then continues with recommendation on how to pack, making sure you take only what you need and not one item more. And, if you must pack several suitcases, it gives you options other than taking them as checked bags, where they might wind up in Oakland instead of Auckland.

Air travelers will learn how to handle lost or stolen luggage, delayed or cancelled flights, discover ways to keep from being bumped from an overbooked flight, learn where to find your rights as a passenger on the airline’s Contract of Carriage, and when and how to invoke the little used “rule 240”. While those who sail the seas will find the book filled with information about what to expect and do if the ship experiences an outbreak of the dreaded norovirus, breaks down at sea, has an onboard fire, or even sinks.

Other chapters advise the traveler on car rentals, the pros and cons of rail and bus travel, and ways to make sure you get comfortable and safe overnight accommodations.

International travelers learn of the hazards associated with many foreign destinations — how to recognize scams, deal with pickpockets, thieves, muggers, and kidnappers. And, during times of social, economic, or political unrest when the traveler might find their wellbeing in jeopardy, it advises when to seek sanctuary at the American Embassy and what to do should the way there be blocked.

The final chapters deal with the deadliest encounters the traveler may experience; the hazards related to acts of terrorism and the furies of Mother Nature. From hijackings and dirty bombs to hurricanes and devastating tsunamis, these chapters tell the reader how to avoid such conflicts, and — where they cannot be avoided — how to best deal with them to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

All this and much more can be found within the pages of this book. It is filled with many tips and recommendations that travel agents won’t tell you and guide books don’t include. It is truly a book designed for today’s modern traveler, to be taken along whenever you travel, whether the trip is a journey to some distant land or a “stay-cation” road trip across the state.


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About the Author
Tony Diaz Tony Diaz — an avid photographer, world traveler, and bucket-list aficionado — lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife Shirley and their two cats, Thurston and Lovey. He teaches photography and travel workshops and for the past six years has been a recurring speaker at the annual Mensa convention.



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