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Eve's Children by Robert J. Fortin

Eve's Children

by Robert J. Fortin

360 pages
DNA cloned from ancient bones produces encouraging, then frightening results.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
Genetic researchers announce that they have discovered a cure for aging, not just a slowdown of growing old, but an actual age reversal! Clinical research subjects in their 60's, 70's and even 80's suddenly stop growing old and many become decades younger. Many of the diseases associated with aging are halted, and most go into complete remission. The eyesight, muscle tone, hearing, complexion and sex drives of the test subjects are fully restored. Even their hair returns to the color of their youth. Aging patients who had given up any hope of recovery are suddenly given a new lease on life. How they react to their new-found youth and freedom from pain makes a poignant comment on society's treatment of the ill and elderly.

This startling discovery is attributed to a young genetic researcher, Dr. Dell Carey at GenAge Corporation, a company devoted to genetic anti-aging research. He hypothesizes that many of the infirmities of the elderly are due to mutations of mitochondrial genes caused by centuries of pollution of the air, water and soil. To prove his theories, Dell obtains mitochondrial DNA cloned from ancient human remains discovered in Africa, named 'Eve' by the press. He uses this DNA for replacement gene therapy on terminally ill and elderly patients. The initial results are amazing and lead to an expansion of the program.

The company's financial backers sense that they have a multi-billion dollar discovery on their hands, and they exert pressure on GenAge to bring it to market. The ensuing struggle between financial interests and ethical behavior places the researchers and their loved ones in jeopardy. Dr. Harvey Mather, Director of Research, insists that the results warrant further study. His reticence is confirmed when several of the clinical research subjects begin acting very strange, losing all moral values and exhibiting feral behavior, even committing murder. Further analysis of the genes used in the experiment leads to a terrifying discovery and reveals a secret that some will kill to keep.



About the Author
Robert Fortin's background in science and management with international corporations and clients provides a unique perspective on how scientific projects are started, funded and carried out. He has been an Officer and Director of both publicly-held and private corporations in the fields of medical electronics, marine science and process automation.



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