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MedQuest MCAT FastPass Study Guide by Elizabeth Malphrus and Conrad Fischer, MD.

MedQuest MCAT FastPass Study Guide

by Elizabeth Malphrus and Conrad Fischer, MD.

236 pages
A comprehensive guide to the new MCAT.

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About the Book
MCAT FastPass: A New Kind of Study Guide

Keep your studying focused and high-yield with the ultimate MCAT study tool. This comprehensive guide includes all of the most important facts, formulas, figures, and concepts you need to master the new MCAT in a single, accessible volume. Use it to guide your study sessions, so you focus on what’s most important, quickly find the information you need, and keep track of what you’ve covered.

Why MCAT FastPass?

- The MCAT covers a tremendous breadth of science content, but the amount of detail you need to know for each topic varies widely.

- Nobody should take the MCAT without reviewing all of the material that it covers—but how do you keep track of what you have and haven’t learned? How do you review efficiently when you’re working from seven textbooks’ worth of info?

- MCAT FastPass is designed to integrate with official AAMC practice materials, so that you can get the strategy and content review that you need, without having to buy anything that you don’t!

The MCAT FastPass Study Guide works best when paired with the FastPass video and practice course, available on the MedQuest website.



About the Author
Elizabeth Malphrus and Conrad Fischer, MD. Elizabeth Malphrus, Director of Premedical Education at MedQuest, is a new-MCAT expert and high-scorer. Before starting on the path to medical school, she wrote about science for organizations including the National Academies and the White House. She is a member of the George Washington University Medical School class of 2020.

Conrad Fischer, MD, Founder and CEO of MedQuest, is an award-winning medical educator, and best-selling author of the Master the Boards USMLE prep series. He is also Residency Director at Brookdale University, and Associate Professor of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Medicine at Touro College of Medicine in New York City.



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