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BORDERLINE by David Krikorian


by David Krikorian

368 pages
John Haig tracks death in the remote north woods.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book

Meet John Haig. Nature lover. Survivor. US Border Patrol agent tasked with tracking down illegals in the wilderness between Canada and Minnesota. Ironically an unhealed wound stalks the tracker - Haig - every day of his life, until the morning he finds Sam Means' body, hurling Haig on a collision course with a pair of maniacs. One, a devilishly crazy assassin, named Dargov. The other, a psychopathic monster with an inferiority complex, named Zhmud.

As Haig puts it, "It's a far cry easier to survive the elements than the human inhabitants." For four years he's managed to bury his anger over the murder of his ex-wife, an alcoholic woman with borderline personality disorder - a mental disease that rendered her lust for violent chaos.

After finding the corpse of his old friend, Sam, at the foot of a waterfall on the US-Canada border, Haig resigns from his job, only to be pressured into an assignment to hunt down an eastern European assassin crossing illegally into the US.

He jumps out a helicopter the next morning smack into a wilderness blizzard at the epicenter of a heinous Russian plot to capture a seemingly innocent child with a photographic memory and a mysterious disease.

One twist follows another as Haig is forced to join forces with Dargov the nutcase assassin, surviving blizzards, a flood, Spetsnatz snipers, and Zhmud, the psycho who develops a hard on for Haig.

Haig is further entangled when he discovers that the child, Stefan, is the son of Sara Novak, a Slovak nurse renting Haig's trailer home, and the only woman to arouse him since the death of his ex-wife.

Slowly Haig uncovers a bizarre set of characters connecting the Chernobyl nuclear disaster to the ghosts of his past. Sara and other iron-willed women play their loony parts alongside a greedy native Ojibwa named Titus, suffering an identity crisis; Doc Olson, a retired military intelligence agent, now a wizened wildlife veterinarian; an alpha male wolf named Ulric; and a wayward polar bear named Napoleon.

Join Haig as he is thrust into a whirlwind survival saga that begins at his cabin overlooking Lake Superior the moment he sits down in front of his television - with his favorite scotch and popcorn - to watch the event hes waited for since childhood: The Cubs and the Yankees in the World Series. Wrigley Field, first game, first inning.

Just as his electric shuts off.



About the Author
David Krikorian David Krikorian was a wilderness guide, jazz musician, great lakes boat pilot, an e-commerce marketing director, and the naturalist at Lutsen Resort.

Krikorian has written for Field & Stream and A former newspaper columnist, he now supports his inner novelist, working as a web content developer.



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