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How To Plan For The End of Your Life by David Arnold

How To Plan For The End of Your Life

by David Arnold

66 pages
A Guide for planning and Understanding Issues Faced at the End of Life

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Category: Health:Fitness:Senior
About the Book

The journey of one's life can take many twists and turns and is filled with opportunities and challenges. One of the last challenges and often the one we are the least equipped to cope with is Death. If it is approached as one of life's transitions and some of the mystery is taken out of it we can embrace it as a part of life instead of fearing it.

It is time to shine the light on death and realize that it is the second most important time in our life, the first being our birth. Life is full of constant change the most far-reaching of which is loss. We are confronted with the comings and goings of things in our lives from the time we are born until we transition to different place.

This guide is my contribution towards the education of people facing life's most difficult challenges. Throughout the guide Internet sites will be noted along with links to direct the reader to them. The Internet can be used to explore issues more in-depth. Using internet-based material will give you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information possible. This guide provides you with a framework from which you can develop your own individual plan.

Information includes:

Role of Funeral director Licensing, First Call, Arrangements, Embalming, Visitation,Funeral and Committal Services.

Also included is information about cremation and Memorial Services as well as Chapters about Grief, Acceptance Transition, and Growth.

There are various checklists of What to Do When There Has Been a death. Common Legal questions about health and end of life issues are part of the Guide as well as legal definitions The living resume is a usefull information gathering tool. Terms used in Funeral Service are defined and many useful internet links are included.



About the Author
David has utilized his business, social service and selling background as Funeral Director.He has a Bachelors in Mortuary Science degree and worked as a Funeral Director since 1994. His background is strong in understanding and helping people, with resources so that they may make informed decisions that affect their lives.



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