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Until We Meet Again by Hera Mackiernan

Until We Meet Again

by Hera Mackiernan

112 pages
A book about the experiences of a psychic medium.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural:Ghosts
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About the Book
In the book Until We Meet Again, Psychic Medium Hera Mackiernan shares her unique spiritual journey. Beginning as a small child struggling to figure out what was happening, to accepting her gift, and finally sharing her gift with others.

In Until We Meet Again, Hera explains what the other side or home is like for our loved ones who have crossed back over to the world of spirit, how she receives messages, and how you can recognize the subtle signs your loved ones send from home. Hera also explains how to listen to your spirit guide, the truth about ghosts, how to recall past lives, and astral travel.

Messages from Archangels fill chapter six along with the true and never before revealed relationship that Jesus and Mary Magdalene shared.

Until We Meet Again is a book containing a story that will touch your heart, and open your mind to a new way of understanding the spiritual world.



About the Author
Hera Mackiernan Hera Mackiernan has been connecting clients with loved ones who have crossed over to live on the other side since 2007. Hera went on to receive her professional certification in 2012. Hera is also the author of Signs from the Other Side and Angel Messages.



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