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OREON: Chained Memories by Xavier A. Blake

OREON: Chained Memories

by Xavier A. Blake

276 pages
Oreon rediscovers his mind and the world he once knew.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Oreon is a laid back Elemental with a tendency to gamble and his home was just burned to the ground as retaliation. His Arymid was stolen and given to people hoping to join The Tribune. So once he got it back from them his house paid the price. Now with no home and plenty of questions he turned to the one person who could give him answers, Menace Menice. She is the thief who caused all this to happen him as far as he was concerned. Funny thing is he had a chance to stop her before she ever stole anything from him, but left that decision to the flip of a coin.

Now Menice claimed she meant no ill will, and that this was all necessary to help repair his voided memory. Taking the Arymid from him was just the first link in the chain. They were residents in Oreon’s mind and they had to relive everything they did together from the moment they met. This was all to stabilize Oreon’s memory so they could continue their quest of taking down The Tribune as well as finding Menice’s mother. No mistakes could be made when moving from one event to the next or they could have some nasty effects on both their minds. Oreon originally thought she was crazy, but he had an instance of déjà vu while trying to recover his Arymid forcing him to replay that event again. The cost of his screw up ended up being fragments of Menice’s original memory.

This made it difficult at times for Menice to get them headed in the right direction. All of which forced Oreon to make decisions and not burn away their memories in the process. From meeting new companions to fighting CORE and the Tribune, Oreon learned much about himself and who he really is. Reliving the past would be no easy thing.



About the Author
Meet Xavier Blake, a fantasy author who originally wanted to write movies for a living. The format may have changed from the original plan, but he still gets to tell the stories he wants his way. Writing is his passion and he wouldn't trade it for anything.



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