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The Medical Marijuana Handbook: A Patient's Guide to Holistic Healing with Cannabis by Norma Eckroate

The Medical Marijuana Handbook: A Patient's Guide to Holistic Healing with Cannabis

by Norma Eckroate

304 pages
Explains the WHAT, WHY and HOW of medical marijuana.

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About the Book
Norma Eckroate’s life was dramatically improved overnight when she first used medical marijuana. In The Medical Marijuana Handbook: A Patient's Guide to Holistic Healing with Cannabis, Eckroate takes you by the hand to understand why it might change yours for the better too as she helps you navigate the maze and clear up the confusion.

Eckroate helps patients navigate the often confusing maze that is the world of medical marijuana. This guide helps people who suffer from a myriad of conditions, including pain, nausea, and anxiety, understand the different types of medical marijuana available for patients today, while debunking outdated preconceptions about the medicinal herb. Even more importantly, Eckroate explains, in a straightforward way, how medical marijuana helps your body's self-healing system work more effectively, and why many people find this natural herb preferable to the side effects, cost, and potential addictive nature of some pharmaceuticals.

“I’ve been living with chronic pain for most of my life, and I hated the side effects of pharmaceutical medications, which my body needed more and more of in order to get even a bit of relief,” says Eckroate. “When I finally tried medical marijuana three years ago, I was delighted – and surprised – at how effective it was. But, as I researched the topic, I found there was lots of confusing, incorrect, and misleading information out there. I decided to separate fact from fiction and share what I learned with other potential patients who could benefit in so many ways from this natural herb.”

Eckroate discovered that there are many strains of medical marijuana that contain lower levels of the compound THC, which produces the "high" we have all heard so much about over the last several decades, while providing more of other important natural chemical compounds that help provide symptom relief to many. In other words, medical marijuana is not the same herb that we associate with "stoners." This book is a holistic primer on medical marijuana that explains the WHAT, WHY and HOW of its healing benefits.

In this book, you’ll learn:

• How a 1990s scientific discovery proved WHY marijuana is such a potent healing herb
• Why many patients prefer smoke-less options: capsules, lozenges, raw cannabis juice, etc.
• Why cannabis is NOT addictive for most patients
• How to handle the psychoactive “high” – and why some new forms of cannabis do NOT cause psychoactivity
• How to determine what strain, what form, what potency, and what dose is right for you?
• How is it different from pharmaceuticals – and why is it safe?
• How and where to legally get the marijuana
• Why newly available medical strains bring greater potential for patients
• Why some healthy – and health-conscious – individuals use cannabis regularly to stimulate their body’s internal healing system


In addition, you’ll learn important quality control issues to minimize the potential of toxins and pesticides; holistic perspectives that can optimize benefits; dealing with workplace and travel issues; and what to tell the kids about taking something that they’ve been told is illegal and wrong.

MAB: What are the benefits of medical marijuana? Why is it better than allopathic alternatives?

NE: Science has an awesome answer to this question! In the 1990s, scientists made an amazing discovery that made it clear why marijuana is one of the most effective super-herbs on the planet. They found that marijuana -- which I also refer to by its scientific name, cannabis -- is a "match" to receptors in the cells of our own bodies.

When we ingest cannabis, the receptors in our cells greet the herb in a synergistic way, assisting the entire system in handling biological functions -- and defending the body from any challenges to those functions.

The scientists honored the plant by naming the body's own newly-discovered, internal counterpart after it. They added the prefix "endo," which means "in, within, inside," to the word "cannabinoid" (one of the types of chemicals in cannabis) to create the word endocannabinoid.

Your body's endocannabinoid system is considered to be the largest neurotransmitter system in your body.



About the Author
Norma Eckroate Norma Eckroate is a medical marijuana patient and a writer. She has co-authored numerous books, including the bestselling The Natural Cat with Anitra Frazier and The Dog Whisperer and The Puppy Whisperer with Paul Owens. Norma became a licensed spiritual practitioner at the Agape International Spiritual Center in 2001.



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