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Arsenal Code R.E.D. by Roger Jetter

Arsenal Code R.E.D.

by Roger Jetter

214 pages
An airliner is drawn off course during a Colorado storm.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Fifteen-year-old computer whiz-kid Rod "Blue" VanBluer is scared stiff -- the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Division suspects him of causing an airliner crash.

Blue and his pal Jason stole into Denver's abandoned airport control tower to play with the Air Traffic Control computers. Both figured there’s nothing like a real control tower to play Air Force fighter pilots. After succeeding in hooking up a favorite combat flight game to real flight simulators close by, things go terribly wrong when a commercial airliner is drawn off course in the early morning hours. As they walk home after playing all night, the boys hear the explosion of the crash, but have no idea their playtime may have caused the plane to go down in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, the very place the US Government stores deadly Sarin nerve gasses.

Watching the coverage of the accident on the evening news, Blue fears the simple computer game he programmed is the reason. But the bigger worry is the two men he saw in the concourse days earlier, cold hard cash had exchanged hands. Could they be to blame for the crash?

The FBI finds Blue’s computer, suspects his game is responsible and contacts his parents. Blue wants desperately to clear his name but neither he, nor his Father, believe the crash was caused by a simple computer game – Blue wants to know the real reason the airliner went down on the wrong runway at the wrong airport. Problem is, Blue fears for his life because at least one of the men he saw in the concourse has figured out where he lives.


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About the Author
Roger Jetter R.A. Jetter writes fiction at home in Aurora, Colorado, a Denver suburb. He's a former auto magazine founder/editor and former “Special Assignments Editor” for 3 Business to Business magazines. His second novel of the trilogy, Secrets So Sinister, is an environmental thriller about Denver’s Rocky Flats, builder of nuclear triggers.



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