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THE AMBULANCE DRIVER by Damian R. Michaels


by Damian R. Michaels

424 pages
Young female paramedic thrives in a world of dark-humor.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The Ambulance Driver is set in today’s world of emergency medicine, for Paramedic Megan Alroy it is a world of disease, death and deceit. The Ambulance Driver is for the mature reader who appreciates the humor in the darker side of life. If you practice pre-hospital emergency medical care, you need an effective coping mechanism or you need a different job. Megan’s coping mechanism is a cutting sense of humor and, at times, she comes off as a hard-ass. But, deep inside, she is warm and caring and wants someone to love and trust. She is young and beautiful and her philosophy is all about working hard and playing harder. Her attitude towards sex is a lot like pizza; sometimes fantastic, sometimes okay, but its always pizza. In her story she finds that even pizza can turn ugly. A slice may look, feel, smell and taste so good going down, but some pizza is just not worth eating.

Las Vegas is the natural setting for her story. New York maybe the city that doesn’t sleep, but Vegas is the city that can’t sleep.

The Ambulance Driver is a story of the politics of relationships and the evils of manipulation. So if you choose, buy the book, find the nearest scrub sink, sterilize your hands, don snapping tight surgical gloves, select your favorite scalpel (a number eleven is mine), incise the story’s pale, pasty, and feculent flesh, use your fingers to separate the thick greasy layers of fat, blunt dissect through its atrophied muscles, and use a bovie to burn through the omentum. Then reach deep inside its warm, wet belly and use your sense of touch, sight and smell; examine, and what do you find? Blood, guts and human waste—same as everything else.



About the Author
Damian R. Michaels grew up in Queens, New York. He attended the pillars of local academia: Andrew Jackson High School and Spofford Juvenile Center. Then he painted white apartments white. Not a good start for a dreamer and someone nauseated by the smell of paint. So, higher education it was.



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