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THE WAY IT WAS: A Novel of America and the World of the 60's by M.H. HILL

THE WAY IT WAS: A Novel of America and the World of the 60's

by M.H. HILL

312 pages
A novel of the Michigan Road Builders in the 60's.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Mike Ferrara, a U.S. Army attache to Saudi Arabia, is working with a Saudi Prince to manage a covert U.S./Saudi operation providing surplus U.S. weapons to Yemeni forces fighting the invading Egyptian army during the Yemeni war of the 1960's.

After discharge from active duty, Mike returns to his family home in Birmingham, Michigan, a suburb north of Detroit. He goes to work for Jerry Cavanagh, the Mayor of Detroit, as an aide and is involved in the City's attempts to control the 1967 riots.

Mike's father was killed a few years previously when his company helicopter exploded and crashed. He was the owner and president of a major Michigan road construction company that was expanding its geographic area of work into the Chicago market and meeting resistance from the entrenched interests there; a cabal of contractors, politicians, suppliers, unions and mafia who were not going to allow a newcomer into what they considered their closed road construction market. After learning the crash was not accidental and was caused by the Chicago mob, he begins a vendetta to punish those responsible for his father's death.



About the Author
M.H. Hill a former Army Officer, was born and raised in Detroit and was living an working there during the 1967 riots. He is a Civil Engineer who has worked in North Africa and Saudi Arabia and in the Michigan Highway Construction industry most of his life.



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