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DRAGON CENTRAL: Introducing Green Flash by Doc Briley

DRAGON CENTRAL: Introducing Green Flash

by Doc Briley

206 pages
Fantasy about a boy taken by mistake to dangerous Dragon Central.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Green Flash, a troublesome miniature dragon who wants to help troubled kids (a combination Santa Claus and Godzilla), gets involved with “Ding” Diaz. He puts the troubled ten year-old Hispanic boy from the ghetto into one mess after another (usually unwittingly). But handling adversity helps Ding overcome a multitude of problems and emotional handicaps. He learns about himself, others, the world around him.

Ding thought he had problems - inside and outside the classroom, with a local gang, and with his father and little brother. He made bad choices due to a dark secret in his heart. A helper dragon, Green Flash, by mistake takes him to Dragon Central, a dangerous planet in a parallel universe. Even if Ding learns his truth, he might be stuck there forever...


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About the Author
Doctor Briley, completing his pediatric residency in Boston, moved to Maui with his wife.Too busy as a pediatrician, he shelved all his manuscripts for two series. Now retired, he published the 1st of the SEAFOAM series and recently the GREEN FLASH series.



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