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DANCE WITH THE DEVIL: A Gabe Turpin Novel by Gary Gabelhouse


by Gary Gabelhouse

364 pages
Ruthless mercenaries, Triad overlords, spies and international cabals in Kenya.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is a metaphysical thriller about cultural anthropologist Gabe Turpin who, while on holiday in Kenya with his adult daughter, comes between SEAL Team Six and Somali pirates.

In the bloody aftermath, they, a Maasai Shaman, and an old spymaster, form an unlikely team to derail a terrorist, nuclear attack on a U.S. Carrier Strike Group that will be the tipping point for a financial attack, and a collapse the U.S. economy.

DANCE WITH THE DEVIL tells a story of ruthless mercenaries, Chinese Tong overlords, spies and international puppet masters—all challenged by a college professor, a Maasai diviner, and a geriatric spymaster.

"Gabelhouse is the master of the metaphysical thriller."
-John Stevens Berry, Lincoln Journal Star

" with an important message."
-Chuck Hagel, U.S. Secretary of Defense


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About the Author
Gary Gabelhouse Gabelhouse has worked as a naturalist, biology teacher, dock worker, pastor, hod carrier, Swiss climbing guide, martial-arts instructor, magician, door man, gambler, river guide, security consultant, musician, writer, sales executive, and is currently an active author of thrillers and CEO of a media-research firm.



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