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Intensities In Ten Cities by Charles Karnes

Intensities In Ten Cities

by Charles Karnes

138 pages
Intrepid amusing international adventures including Jesus, Santa Claus, and more.

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
Intensities In Ten Cities

Hang on tight, from Belfast to Buenos Aires, (and eight more cities in between), Charley Karnes steps on the insanity accelerator while sharing adventures and misadventures in this hilarious and heart-pounding collection of "Greatest Hits."

In a style that's fun and easy to read, this modern-day Tom Sawyer takes you through an assortment of international screaming yee-haws that are family friendly for readers of all ages.

You don't have to climb over a spike-covered fence to evade a gang of crazy thieves intent on robbery (and maybe worse).

Charley will do that for you.

No need to swim with sharks in Charleston Harbor, caress the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, or transport Santa Claus in your ambulance.
Charley delivers.

In one afternoon, you can do all this, plus knock out a really bad guy, turn a BB gun into gold, and meet Jesus Christ at the salad bar of a local Wendy's.

Intensities In Ten Cities has the reader laughing out loud, and impatient for the next story.

Illustrations by the very gifted and talented Beth Obenshain.

Author Charley Karnes is a notably good-looking undiscovered multi-media Renaissance man who lives near beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
In his spare time, Karnes runs, writes, laughs, and writes more. He plays a mean sax, mostly Motown.

Charley is the producer and host of various TV shows, including Smart With Your Car, The Continuous Train Wreck, and (currently) Oh Yeah? Watch This!

Karnes is available for a distance book tour, (speaks Spanish fluently) and is more than comfortable with radio interviews.

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Intensities in Ten Cities is being translated into five languages. Everybody loves travel, laughter and adventure.
Pagination by Bee Holroyd is professional and easy-to-read.



About the Author
Charles Karnes Author Charley Karnes is a remarkably good-looking multi-media Renaissance man living in Carrboro, North Carolina. Credits include TV shows, benefit auctions, two other books and a play (so far.)

In his spare time, Karnes runs, writes, laughs and writes some more. He plays a mean Sax, mostly Motown.



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