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THE PM EXECUTIONER: A Project Manager's Journey in Offshoring Jobs by Phillip Tsen

THE PM EXECUTIONER: A Project Manager's Journey in Offshoring Jobs

by Phillip Tsen

286 pages
A novel written by a former IBM offshoring executive.

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About the Book
Peter Fallon has become a successful offshoring project manager in today's global economy. But as the projects keep growing, he realizes how much the rest of his life has diminished. Inspired by true events, we get to follow one man's journey on his struggle to find his moral compass and be the father, husband, co-worker and professional he once set out to be.

The story of Peter Fallon follows one man’s fall from grace and into the waiting arms of pride and vanity as he administers the deadly blows of offshoring. Corporate bottom lines are spared, but thousands of jobs are executed. He battles with betrayal, alienation and consequences of life and death. As Peter tries to reconcile his increasingly indefensible decisions, he finds the fallacy in a career that has taken so much from so many—including him. When finally he realizes the damage he has done, the only question is whether he has enough time left to pick up the pieces.



About the Author
Phillip Tsen was a global leader of IBM offshoring management. He started his career as a textile designer. When the textile industry turned to offshoring, he earned his Computer Science degree then became a software engineer at Bell Labs/AT&T before being outsourced to IBM to work as a Project Manager.



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