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Rainbow Chaser by Connie Biltz

Rainbow Chaser

by Connie Biltz

174 pages
Poems inspired by nature, home and family, and daily life.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Rainbow Chaser is a collection of poems that reflects the joy the author finds in nature, in her home life, and in the world around her. She believes in seeking out the good in the world, and this philosophy is reflected in her poems. The poem, “Rainbow-Chaser,” from which the book gets its title explains her attitude of being grateful for and seeking out the good.

Connie Biltz uses imagery, rhyme, whimsy, and the unexpected in her poems. Her poetry is strongly influenced by the changing seasons and by the gifts of nature. She takes delight in the color and beauty of nature and captures what she sees in vivid word images. Home and family are close to the author’s heart. Her words will stir up memories and emotions for the reader. Her observations on everyday life often reflect her sense of humor and her delight in wordplay. Overall, the poems in this book are down-to-earth and come from the heart. The author’s words are sure to amuse, touch, and surprise the reader.



About the Author
Connie Biltz Connie Biltz writes the poetry blog, "More Where That Came From." Her poems have also been published in the books, Musings 2013 and Old Broads Waxing Poetic. Her essays, articles, and stories have been published in several magazines. Connie and her husband live in Ohio. They have two sons.



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