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PUZZLE by Travis Wallace


by Travis Wallace

386 pages
Upmarket literary fiction with influence of psychological and noir.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Thomas Wyland is at a crossroad in life. His fiance is concerned he is contemplating a path of harming himself, the godlike voice of HER is leading him down a path to inflict punishment on many unfortunate sinners who come into contact with him, and his new psychiatrist may have her own agenda and path for him.

Everywhere Thomas turns, there is a piece of the puzzle he must solve. Talking bobbleheads, a mysterious white trash woman, an asshole in the yellow sports car and an alligator all hold clues to what is taking place. They have to survive long enough for Thomas to figure out their true identities and how each story is woven together. Add in a nosey sheriff and a bout with insomnia, Thomas has a lot on his plate.

All the pieces to HER puzzle are laid out in front of him as Thomas' past begins to overlap with his present. If he succeeds in putting the pieces together, he may discover the true identity behind the godlike voice influencing is life and the role he is supposed to play in HER plans. If he fails, he may lose everything and everyone he holds dear. Is it possible that all the paths are the same and everyone in his life has been placed there to test and mold him into HER chosen one?

It all comes down to a classic battle of good vs. evil, but there are no established sides. Are the demons real or have the past few days been nothing more than a sick man trying to justify what is taking place in his tormented mind? The answers lie with the body in his barn. Could they be the final piece of the PUZZLE?

PUZZLE is an upmarket literary fiction with influences of psychological and noir.



About the Author
Travis Wallace Born in SE Kansas, Travis Wallace internalized many of the conflicts he faced growing up. Having conquered his own demons over the years, he now lives in the suburbs of Kansas City with his wife Kathy, their four children and a golden-doodle named Finley. PUZZLE is his debut novel.



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