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Fin and Willow: A Family Business by Angela Chaney

Fin and Willow: A Family Business

by Angela Chaney

180 pages
A story of intrigue, romance and betrayal

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Fin and Willow have been friends for over twenty years. It is a friendship that has endured cancer, a failed marriage, and a stalker who threatened both Willow and her daughter, Katie. Although the trap to capture the murderer worked and Will and her baby are safe, Fin realizes how close he came to losing them and wastes no time in proposing. Will accepts, moves back to Austin and is ready to start the rest of their lives together. Now will they live happily ever after?

Will goes back to work at the company she and Fin have built together, and together plan on expanding the business. Fin wants to purchase property, build on it, and then help develop the area by inviting other commercial concerns to join them. Almost immediately upon purchasing the property, they are offered twice what the property is worth. They refuse the offer and that's when all the trouble begins. Explosions and kidnappings soon complicate what should have been a simple endeavor. Obstacles are placed in their way, slowing progress and almost ending the project while threatening their lives. Who is trying to ruin them and why?

Only the love they share, the trust they have in each other, and their strength of character allows them to survive the danger to which they are exposed, and the risks they face in keeping their marriage intact. This is a journey of intrigue, suspense, betrayal and love.


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About the Author
Angela Chaney lives in Dallas with her husband. She's a CPA who loves reading, traveling and listening to music. She's also the author of A Girl Named Willow, which is the first installment of this story.



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