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The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist by Brent Weber

The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist

by Brent Weber

178 pages
Career anecdotes and advice from veteran network sportscaster and journalist.

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Category: Sports
About the Book

What would it be like to spend your life watching and chronicling the world of sports as a broadcaster or sports journalist? Brent Weber has covered more than his share of memorable moments in his quarter-century as a broadcaster and writer. In his two-part book The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist, Weber shares hilarious anecdotes from his career climbing the ladder from rural Georgia to the world-wide stage of CNN and beyond. Following stories the average sports fan can relate to, Weber includes how-to advice for those who wonder what it takes to pursue a life in sports journalism. Applicable to any type of creative career, Weber offers resources and inspiration to those who wonder what it would be like to live their dream job.

"The entire world adores its sports heroes and applauds their uniqueness at the same time," Weber writes. "Like the athlete, if you wish to follow your dream, in the face of adversity, as the answer to escalating debt and the antidote to mounting debts, your passion and persistence can bring you the same success as the greatest athletic heroes."

Readers instantly relate to the young boy who used to broadcast games into his tape recorder. AN ordinary sports fan who grew up to be "The Sports Guy", Weber's bungles and observations give the reader an inside look at the often less than glamorous world of the sports journalist.

Cursed by the best and worst of them, from Hall of Fame coach Scotty Bowman to major league all-star Ken Griffey, Junior, Weber shares the good and bad moments, effacing the mystery of stardom while sharing the accomplishments of some other inspiring figures in and out of the world of sports. While he has covered the likes of the World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup, NCAA Championships and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, he shares that it is often the story of the little leaguer or surfer or coach who changes your perspective and has the biggest impact on the viewer or reader.

"The public can cheer or jeer as they wish," Weber says. "But it is important to a free society that we are allowed to tell these stories and not paint these athletes as anything more than they really are: men and women who are entertainers with dramatically different histories, responsibilities and sensibilities."

The second half of Weber's book is designed to help anyone pursuing a creative career to better understand their responsibilities and opportunities. Empowering them with tools and practical advice, Weber encourages those who make the choice to enter difficult careers to stick by their guns.

"When you are down and out there will be no shortage of people who will kick you in the teeth to keep you there," Weber writes. "The dusting off part, the moving on part, the "creating chicken salad out of chicken-bleep part, is up to you."

Working as a broadcaster, writer, teacher and consultant, Weber lives with his family in Huntington Beach, California.


Weber's book is surprisingly refreshing. The first half offers anecdotes from Weber's career - many of which are self-effacing and humorous, The secnd half offers advice to anyone considering a career in sports journalism - and most of it is pretty good advice. ... The message of this book, which is well written and worth reading, seems to be: Set goals and work hard, but don't forget to realize what makes you happy.
- Larry Stewart, Los Angeles Times, January 1, 2003



About the Author
Brent Weber Award-winning sports journalist Brent Weber has worked in the smallest and largest markets television and radio. A play-by-play broadcaster, anchor, reporter, writer and teacher, Weber has covered Super Bowls, World Series and NBA Finals. He resides in Huntington Beach, California with daughter Nicole, wife Diane and her daughters Natalie and Nicole.



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