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DEEP TALK: Death Does Not Exist by Judy Barnes (Ashmar)

DEEP TALK: Death Does Not Exist

by Judy Barnes (Ashmar)

384 pages
Spirituality and science are indivisible with reincarnation an obvious fact.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Deep Talk traces the spiritual journey of a woman after her 16-year-old son tries to commit suicide.

His NDE (Near-Death Experience) being so dramatically unlike any others she’d read about, has Judy investigating spirituality in more depth. Religion, per se, (in her case, Christianity) leaves her cold as she realises the answers won’t be found among man-made dogmas. In addition, she becomes aware that scholars have misinterpreted Jesus’s words of ‘ye have but one life’. Seeing as reincarnation was part of the original bible and Jesus returned to earth after being crucified, it makes perfect sense.

From the scientific viewpoint, Albert Einstein said that ‘energy never dies’ and Judy recognises that we are energy. Therefore, reincarnation is a valid standpoint.

However, if our energy (or spirit/soul) lives on, it must have a home. Strangely enough, many people with terminal illnesses in hospices, fed-up and impatient to leave their sick, physical bodies, often mention ‘wanting to go home’ – a somewhat curious comment.

Through hypnotherapy (very deep relaxation) Judy revisits some of her past lives – one as a Greek female oracle in 1200BC, another as a male Roman soldier in 673BC, yet another as a female teacher in England in 1838. Through these lives she understands herself better and her progress in this life.

Her most wonderful experience though was visiting the Spirit World itself, meeting her Master Guide and the ‘inner core’ members of her soul family. To see them (some from the same family as this life) is a revelation. She is stunned to recognise one of her earthly soulmates from this group too. The other shock is discovering that her whole family knows what is happening in her present life. Her research reveals we can identify those in the Spirit World who are ‘still living’, as we all leave a percentage of our energy in that world before being born.

On her death bed and unable to speak because of her morphine medication, Judy’s terminally-ill mother (a staunch atheist) still refuses to believe in an after-life. However, not long after her spirit leaves her body, she speaks to Judy, reassuring her that she now feels wonderful.

Judy’s late father instructs her in what to do, saving her life when she is driving on dirt roads and spins-out not once but twice in Africa, while a voice that she feels could be God or an advanced Master or guide – but definitely someone very ‘in control’ advises her how to react when she is on the brink of being murdered in Australia.

Her son’s NDE makes sense when seen from the fact that we are all energy and the explanatory picture he draws as to where his body is travelling clarifies it.

A strange dream’s meaning is revealed 34 years later and Judy is alerted to an urgent medical problem by an African traditional healer. Cancer invades her body but she knows it is not her time to cross over. A third soulmate enters her life. It is all, deep talk.



About the Author
Judy Barnes (Ashmar) Australian born, Judy worked in sales and was a freelance writer for more than two decades for magazines, with photography, as well as scriptwriting for business, radio and television. She is now a copy editor at a newspaper in Johannesburg. Divorced, with one son, she paints in her spare time.



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