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Fish Story by Woodrow Wilson

Fish Story

by Woodrow Wilson

216 pages
DOLPHINS: THE OTHER EARTHLINGS. They're watching us too.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book

What do dolphin scientists want to know about humans? What lengths will they go to for the answers? Fish Story is a role reversal adventure of people kept by dolphins. It is the story of people kept in their laboratories, of people kept in their zoos, and of people kept in their backyards.

Dolphins live in a world more alien than the moon or Mars. The ocean is a forbidding place. The sun lights surface forests teeming with exotic wild life of every shape imaginable—and beyond imagination. There, predators and prey play a deadly game of hide-and-seek. Deeper down, the light fades into eternal night. There, bizarre creatures hunt each other. Strange plants and outlandish animals flourish in the depths. Wrecks of human ships dot an alien landscape of active volcanoes and strange geology. It’s dark and dangerous down there. Pressure crushes. Visitors fry or freeze there. Dolphins are masters of this world—the top predator of the sea.

Dolphins have ruled this vast domain for thousands of years. They share an amicable relationship with recent human trespassers into their territory. But, what do dolphins really think about us alien invaders? Do they welcome us? Do they tolerate us? Do they fear us? Are they concerned about us? …or just curious? What do dolphin scientists want to know about humans? What lengths will they go to for the answers?


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About the Author
Research scientist Woodrow Wilson has gone where no men and few machines have ever been. He has studied chemistry at 10,000°F, collisions at 30,000 mph, nuclear fireballs, and more. His Fish Story is set in a place more alien than the Moon or Mars—the ocean.



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