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Gladness in Your Presence by Peggy Overstreet

Gladness in Your Presence

by Peggy Overstreet

228 pages
How my God teaches me in everyday life.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This book is stuffed to the brim with short stories that are the result of my pastor’s request for me to write weekly columns for our church’s newsletter. He was looking for "Erma Bombeck’ish" stories with a spiritual lesson. I’m thankful that the Lord regularly teaches me valuable lessons from His Word, and my surroundings, and that He also chooses to allow my sometimes absurd sense of humor to pass along what I’ve learned.

In this book, you will find stories about ordinary life experiences – garage sales, selfishness, bullets, whales, humility, overkill, cats, gratitude, laundry, dogs, klutziness, quacking, eggnog, foolishness, kids, backseat driving. The Lord has graciously shown me how to take these every-day mundane topics and cause them to morph into sporadic and joyful spiritual lessons. He is my Father, Disciplinarian, Guide, Teacher, Protector, and Judge. He has shown me His love in so many ways. As I meditate on His words, I see that those who belong to God have praised Him, danced before Him, and expressed gratefulness for His salvation, strength, and answered prayer, especially in the midst of trials and discipline. Scripture overflows with gladness, rejoicing, and happiness that comes directly from people’s personal relationship with their personal God.



About the Author
After 30 years passing herself off as a secretary and word processor, Peggy Overstreet has become a gleefully-retired housewife, indulging in chronic blogging for the glory of God. She is grateful that He is causing her to continue yielding fruit in older age by writing humorous and edifying short stories.



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