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TENACIOUS AMAZONS: Leadership Experiences and Learning from Baby Boom Women by Grace Pulver

TENACIOUS AMAZONS: Leadership Experiences and Learning from Baby Boom Women

by Grace Pulver

262 pages
Baby Boom women leadership legacy, impact on the work environment.

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About the Book
This book tells the story of the impact Baby Boom women made in the workplace over three decades. It includes the stories of Boomer women now in senior roles, along with those of the author. Much has been much written about the needs of Generation X and Millennium employees in the workplace, and how to attract and retain them. Companies can meet their needs, in large part, because of the changes Baby Boom women fought for in the workplace, but for some reason, their story remains obscure.

For over three decades, Boomer women fought for leadership positions and influenced leadership itself by bringing feminine traits to the role, and designing and implementing new leadership programs. These programs moved away from autocratic leadership and introduced more inclusive styles, eventually leading to the emergence of transformational leadership on a broader scale.

They also led and implemented workplace diversity programs such as employment and pay equity, and work-life balance. It took enormous tenacity and courage to change company culture, usually from hard-core autocracy, to acceptance of workplace diversity. The women who led these programs pushed hard nearly every day, often feeling exhausted and battered.

Equally important, many of them refused to comply when asked to take actions that conflicted with their personal values. They walked away from lucrative positions rather than work at companies that did not respect their boundaries. This issue of standing on their values became larger and louder as the author interviewed the Boomer women. Consequently, the book includes chapters that examine personal values and how to align company values with them.

When Boomer women look at inclusion, empowerment, equality, policies against discrimination, employee engagement and opportunities to learn and grow today, they can see, and take pride in, how far we have come. Work-life balance programs provide space for parents to stay involved with their children, and authentic dialogue is more readily encouraged and practiced. Employees can bring their whole self to work.

Leadership is obviously still not perfect today, but we have come a long way from the stifled work environments of the 1970s and 1980s. And the tenacity of many Baby Boom women forged the path that took us here.

Generation X and Millennium employees now expect that companies will provide these things as the norm. As we move out of the recession and global competition heats up, these practices will enable companies to attract and retain top talent.



About the Author
Grace Pulver Grace Pulver has worked in Human Resources for over 25 years. She was the Vice President, Human Resources for the largest credit union in Canada - voted the number one employer in Canada by MacLean’s and Canadian Business magazines. She has built high-performance, award-winning teams and works with CEOs leading change.



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